Bonsai Louie – Sydney Bonsai Artist

A retired landscape gardener, Louie has been working with bonsai for more than fifteen years. Louie specialises in conifers, black pines, junipers and sargentiis, but can work with pretty much any plant. A man who appreciates nature and aesthetics, Louie calls his work “living art”, and is passion for bonsai is stemmed from this. Louie has been in many parts of the world, including Japan. On his many journeys to the country where bonsai art originated, Louie has studied the craft with reknowned masters such as Hatsuji Kato, taken in the culture of Japan and brought it home, putting these ideas back into his minature trees. Louie’s bonsai is his expression of life and his vision of the environment at its most beautiful. This website was created to share his experience with the world.

Mobile: 0449 954 384
81 Albert St, Guildford, NSW 2161